MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) PondBuilder Pricing Program

PondBuilder began in 2004 with the goal to keep it's manufactured goods competitive within the marketplace and to not be sold undervalue.  Pricing wars are not uncommon in the landscaping industry or many other industries for that matter.  Pricing wars are why PondBuilder created a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) program to help keep it's water gardening equipment priced uniformily online as well as in the brick and mortar retail locations. 

For homeowners who order pond equipment, MAP means you will move past competitive pricing concerns and focus on who will provide the best service beyond the purchase.  Brick and mortar retailers like MAP because they offer 1-on-1 service that most online merchants cannot offer: Pick-up \ Drop-off services for purchases and returns, educated staff available in person for support, and stock on-hand for immediate purchasing.

How retailers are competiting against online giants

Even Landscape Contractors appreciate the level pricing structure, helping them avoid the "I'll order it online (for cheaper) if you can install it" question. 


PondBuilder pricing

Ask yourself- would you rather buy from a local service provider who is selling at PRICE A or from an online merchant who is selling at PRICE A?

The playing field has been leveled by MAP-   The clear choice is PondBuilder.