Aqua Fix Dry

AquaFix Dry, SAB, Crystal Clear Algae-off, debris lifter

  • Quickly lifts debris from rocks
  • Great for ponds with fish and plants, Bubbling Rocks or Pond-Less\Cascading Falls
  • Works on-contact
  • Adds Oxygen to the pond
  • Dosage Rate: 1/4-1/2cup treats 25-50sqft.
  • Safe For All Aquatic Life

Sizes Available:

8oz. #PB2040             treats 5,000 gal
2lb. #PB2057            treats 20,000 gal
10lb. #PB2064         treats 100,000 gal
25lb. #PB2071         treats 250,000 gal


PondBuilder's AquaFix is a special formula designed to lift debris from rocks, liner and gravel throughout the water feature.  Completely fish safe, AquaFix is much like another well known product, Oxy-Clean in the manner that it lifts debris using oxygen but lacks any harmful byproducts. AquaFix is for water gardens of all types and used to maintain a healthy ecosystem filled with clean water.  

  • Lifts debris in similar ways to Oxy-Clean

  • Use in streams and on waterfalls

  • Turn waterfall off, sprinkle, let set 20-30minutes & watch!

AquaFix Dry vs. Liquid:

AquaFix Dry is for on-contact targeted placement of the debris lifter. While AquaFix Liquid is used for continuous maintenance where broad applications will prevent accumulation of debris all over the entire water feature.  AquaFix Dry is often used during intermittent applications when it has rained or periodic growth has occured between regular water treatment cycles.


Using AquaFix Products