Basin Matrix for Waterfalls

Use Basin Matrix Blocks for your waterfall reservoir

  • Basin matrix are designed to replace up to 90 % of the gravel traditionally used in waterfall basins.
  • Over 3 times more water storage capacity than gravel! The water matrix holds 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot whereas gravel can only hold 2.2 gallons.
  • Easier to clean and less likely to clog.Less labor excavating and moving boulders
  • Tighter spaces - build your stream/waterfall to end right over top of the Matrix.
  • Extra water volume reduces the maintenance of filling due to evaporation.

Basin Matrix Assembly Guide; Email File 1Download Basin Matrix Assembly Guide

Matrix require less space in your trucks and take less than 1 minute to assemble. 

Request extra center support panels for high weight projects + Contact us for configuring Basin Matrix for rain water harvesting.


 basin matrix for waterfalls

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