Selecting Your Waterfall Kit

Most people associate the soothing sound of waterfalls and streams with relaxation and calm.  However, they might not know how easy it is to create a beautiful, low maintenance water garden in their own backyard! 

A waterfall filled with interesting plants, flowers, and lighting is an elegant center of attraction in any landscape.   Waterfalls promote a healthy landscape for many types of birds, butterflies and frogs.  Build it and they will come!

Just because you enjoy the sounds of waterfalls, does not mean you have to have a pond with fish and plants, here are a few types of waterfalls to consider.

PondBuilder manufactures the following waterfalls:

Cascading Waterfall

Cascading waterfall

PVC Patio Waterfall

PVC Vinyl Patio Waterfall

Retaining Wall Waterfall

Formal Falls for Retaining Walls


Swimming Pool Waterfall

Pool Waterfall, Sheer descent, swimming pool falls

To learn more about how to build a waterfall, check out the Guide To Building a Cascading Waterfall today.