Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Waterfall, Formal Falls, Sheer Descent

The quickest way to add the look of a waterfall to any pool, fountain or swimming pool is to use an engineered Stainless Steel Formal Falls.  Due to the Stainless Steel material choice for the Formal Falls, avoid heavy saltwater applications to reduce care of material.

Step 1.  Design a structural element to house the Formal Falls.

Many pool builders using concrete block and mortar will create a pedestal, column or block retaining wall capable of housing the steel sheer descent waterfall. 

Step 2.  Tie waterfall into existing swimming pool pump setup.

Ideal flow rates for each size Formal Falls is determined at the unit and not at the pump. 

On average, each Formal Falls requires flow rates at the unit to be between 130-150 gph per inch wide (ie.  Medium 28" Formal Falls = 3,640gph - 4,200gph)

Each waterfall is looking for HIGH Volume & LOW Pressure in order to have a full looking waterfall.  To obtain the maximum water volume possible it is important to have the correct plumbing size.  Avoid having your pump really far away if you do not meet the pvc pipe max flow criteria below:

Max flow per PVC pipe:

1" PVC = 1,200gph to 1,800gph  
1.5" PVC = 2,500gph to 3,000gph
2" PVC = 4,600gph to 5,000gph
3" PVC = up to 12,000gph

Step 3.  Determine the height of your Formal Falls above the water level.

Keep the waterfall height and width at a similar ratio.  For example, a 40" Large Formal Falls looks best when it is 40" or less above the pool or basin area. (Waterfalls in nature are often low and wide or tall and narrow)

Step 4.  Install the night-time ambiance with LED color changing lights.

Add a third dimension with the enjoyment of a waterfall during the evening hours.  Waterfall lighting can be installed quickly with the Formal Falls LED Lighting strip.  PondBuilder spent a bit more money to offer a high quality submersible LED strip capable of 16million colors.  When using the IR controller and remote, homeowners can control, pause, or select colors with the touch of a button.

Please note:  Formal Falls do not include an electrical "grounding terminal"  and may be required for any of your electrical building code requirements.  The only electrical element that may come into contact would be 12-volt low voltage LED lighting equipment.   

Waterfalls for pools just got easier!

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