Crystal Falls Water Garden Kit

For Medium Water Gardens

PondBuilder Crystal Falls Kits appeal on several levels to both home owners and Landscape Contractors. This kit supports ponds up to 180 sqft. (approx. 2,500 gal), larger fish populations, and has more room for plants and creativity.  Often installs professionally in 2-3 days for less than $5,500 making it the most popular size pond kits because they give pond owners the most flexibility in design for their dollar. (Retail kit price: Typically $1,200- $1,600)

Installation is fast and both the Biological Waterfall Box and the Crystal Skimmer are roomy and oversized for extra filtration and\or multiple pumps. The Crystal Falls Kit is ideal for upgrading a Pre-formed Pond to a more Professional Pond.

medium water garden kitCrystal Falls Pond Kits come complete with:

  • Fish-friendly Rubber Liner 45mil
  • Protective Underliner
  • Crystal Falls™ Mechanical Skimmer
  • Crystal Falls™ Biological Waterfall
  • PondBuilder™ Clear Water Pump
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • 1.5” PVC Flex Pipe (25’)
  • Four color packaging
  • Installation Hardware
  • Beneficial Bacteria


Item# PB1328 PB1335
Max Pond Size 8' x 11' 11' x 16'
Liner Size 12' x 15' 15' x 20'
Approx. Pond Gallons 1000 gallons 2000 gallons
Pump Flow Rate 2340 gph 2340 gph
PVC Flex Pipe 1.5" x 25' 1.5" x 25'
Waterfall Size 14" Crystal Falls 20" Crystal Falls

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