Mini 10" DIY Cascading Falls Kits

PondBuilder Mini Cascading Falls KitElite Mini Cascade Falls Kits

The PondBuilder Mini Cascading Falls Kit is ideal for homeowners looking to add just a touch of water within their landscape.  Taking up as little of space as a 6'x8' area, the Mini Cascading Falls package offers a 3 foot long streambed that disappears into a bed of gravel where it is recirculated back to the top of the falls.  In as little of time as a weekend or just one day with an experienced crew, the Mini Cascading Falls Kit installs quickly yet leaves a lasting impression on any landscape.

Download Mini Cascading Falls Guide for above grade installations

Mini Cascade Falls Kits come complete with:

  • 6’ x 10’ Fish-Friendly Rubber Liner
  • Protective Underliner
  • Mini Pump Canyon
  • Mini Cascade Falls Box
  • Clear Water 1800 Pump
  • 1 Small Basin Matrix
  • 1” x 7’ PVC Flex Pipe
  • Color Instructions


Item# PB1373
Kit Size Mini
Liner Size 6' x 10'
Cascade Falls Box 10"
Pump 1800 gph
Matrix Included 1 Small

Note:  Mini Cascade Falls are typically installed "in-liner" which means place it and associated plumbing within the rubber liner parameters.  Otherwise use rock to hold liner up or lastly purchase Single Sided Seam Tape by Firestone to tape liner to front of the Waterfalls.  Do not screw into the face.

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