Automatic Water Fill Kit

Automatic Water Fill Kit
  • Hooks up to any 1/2” line or 3/4" garden hose
  • Automatically fills evaporated water
  • Made specially for Elite Skimmers and Pump Canyons.

Item#: PB1342

Automatic Water Fill Kit


Download Elite Auto Fill Kit Instructions

Note:  Ideal operating water pressure is 30psi, water pressure exceeding valve max may result in check-valve diaphragm failure. 


One inch Autofill valve, Hudson valve


AutoFill Box

People who do not have skimmers or pump canyons but purchase Auto Fill Kits also purchase the PondBuilder AutoFill Box

PondBuilder Auto Fill Kit, Water levelor, psi regulator, fill valve, Elite Autofill Kit

PondBuilder Auto Fill Box- 

  • Use inside liner ponds or earth ponds 
  • Easily connect 1/2" or 1" Auto Fill Kit inside box 
  • Snap-on lid for easy access 
  • 8"x6"x10"h
  • Allows water to weep directly into pond
  • Requires 30psi or less (30 psi Regulator sold separately)
  • Download 30psi install guide