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How to Grow Your Pond Business on the Internet

We all know the state of our economy. To say we are struggling right now is an understatement. Your pond business is most likely down and your budget is tight. You need to find a way to drive growth in 2012, but investing in anything new doesn't seem like an option right now.

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Do This When Building Koi Gardens

Koi were developed from the common carp in the 1820s by the Japanese and are called the “jewels” of the water garden  because of their bright colorings. They are friendly fish that like to enjoy a special hand-fed treat.  Traditional koi ponds are usually planned for a depth of 3-6 feet and serious koi enthusiasts favor larger ponds for their fish.
Koi are pets that can live 30-50 years (or as long as 200!) and require special equipment and care.  The  pond is their home that you will need to vigilantly maintain in order to keep them thriving.  Small koi only a few inches long are usually start at $10, but koi that are three feet big and have what is known as a “good lineage” could cost anywhere between $60,000 and $300,000 each!
A koi gardens have different requirements than other water gardens.  To build a successful, thriving garden, do these three things:
  1. Build a koi garden in an area that has plenty of shade.  Koi prefer filtered light and will acquire better coloration than if they are subjected to direct sunlight. 
  2. Install an aerator, which is a piece of equipment that is used to add oxygen to water.   Koi gardens are often deeper than the average garden pond and require more oxygen and better circulation.  Aeration will ensure adequate amounts of oxygen for koi during the warmer months as well as the long winter. 
  3. Invest in a high quality filtration system.   Koi prefer muddy, dirty water and they tend to stir up soil at pond bottoms, causing turbid water quality.  Good pond filtration will help to keep the pond clear
Keep in mind that koi gardens add additional costs  to the tradition water garden.  It may be beneficial to hire a professional koi pond installer to help you build a healthy home  for these new pets.
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Easiest Way to Build a Pond and Waterfall

Most people associate the soothing sounds of waterfalls and streams with relaxation and calm.  There is nothing more peaceful than gazing out to a beautiful landscape with the sounds of nature surrounding you.   You can easily bring that feeling of serenity  into your own home or office by incorporating a water garden into your landscape design.

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3 Benefits Indoor Water Gardens

Water gardens can be found in suburban, city and rural communities, but are they for aesthetics or function? Long before water gardening became popular for raising fancy koi or ornate goldfish, they were used for function. Including a water feature in a courtyard garden or within the typical framework of a home has been practiced by landscapers and engineers for centuries.

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6 Steps to Protect Your Pond Fish During Extreme Heat

Hot tamales and chili peppers might be a summer favorite for some, but this week’s high temperatures are enough to scare any fish and their owners into some air conditioning.  As the Midwest feels the heat wave it is important to keep tabs on your pond environment.  During high heat spells, ponds battle heavy evaporation rates, increase in photosynthesis and warmer water temperatures than desired by most fish.  Because the earth’s surface temperature will also rise, both direct sunlight and indirect sunlight ponds will feel fluctuations in temperatures during high heat. 

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How to calculate the amount of water you need for a waterfall

A pond pump is designed to pump water from the reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall back up to the top of the waterfall.  It is important to have just the right amount of water to make sure the pump runs optimally.

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Remove Pond Scum from Rocks

Do you ever notice that your pond and waterfall rocks are slimy with debris and pond scum?  To keep your pond looking beautiful, you may need to spot treat your rocks to remove the organic debris.  A pond rock spot cleaner like Aqua Fix Dry has a scrubbing action that releases the rock scum, making it easier to remove.  

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3 Benefits of Garden Ponds for Kids

Garden ponds can create a very positive experience for children.  Watch the video now!

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3 Tips for Buying a Retaining Wall Waterfall

A friend recently asked me how they could spruce up their backyard by adding a waterfall to their landscape.  Because my friend's patio area is defined by a block wall, I suggested he add a waterfall to it.  Waterfalls can be added to any manufactured block or retaining wall. 

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5 Most Popular Water Feature Trends

Water Gardens: Ponds and water gardens have always been popular in America's backyards. Those that are seeking to add a pond to their yard are requestiong more areas for aquatic plants in the pond as well as areas deep enough to over-winter koi and goldfish.

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