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6 Tips For Opening Your Pond In Spring


pondless waterfallSpringtime. Ahh, I just can't wait to hear the soothing sounds of my waterfall and watch my beautiful koi as they come back to the surface to greet me! Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that you have a successful springtime start-up for your pond.

  1. Remove as much debris as possible.  If you leave sludge build up in the pond it will decay into a food source for new algae growth.  Once the ice has melted away or you begin to see activity from your fish, remove as much debris from the pond as possible by hand or using a pond net. It’s best to manually remove as much debris as possible and allow the cold weather bacteria to assist with the rest.  We recommend using cold water bacteria such as Spring Clean to assist in removing the smaller debris that has collected.      If you live in a warmer climate that doesn’t experience freezing keep the pond free from debris as frequently as necessary.
  2. Begin operating your filtration system.  Add the mats and nets back into your skimmer box and add the mats and biological media back into the waterfall box.
  3. Install your pond pump or skimmer.  When the pond water is up to around 45 to 50 degrees, installing your pond pump or skimmer will help circulate and oxygenate the water and clear up the pond.  Most warm climate areas may have operated their pump throughout the colder months.  If you’ve been operating an aerator, continue to do so as this will help keep oxygen levels high.
  4. Add beneficial bacteria.  Once your water temperature reaches 50 degrees add a beneficial bacteria to "jump start" your biological filtration such as Pond Cleaner.   Continue this on a regular basis throughout the summer.
  5. Put plants back around the pond.  Bring any hardy plants that may have been stored on the pond's bottom back to their correct spots so that they may begin to grow.  Once you see new growth from the plants it’s a good time to fertilize.
  6. Change the pond water.  Early spring is a great time to perform a water change.  I recommend at least a 50% change in water at this time.   You can do more if you wish but if you are going to do more than 75% of the water then be sure to acclimate the fish back into the pond appropriately.  If you are adding water that contains chlorine (like most city water supply) you will need to add a dechlorinator like Purify.


I purchased a pondbuilder auto fill kit. Is there a way to ajust the water level?
Posted @ Monday, June 06, 2011 11:07 AM by Lou
Great Product. The best I've ever used. Low maintenance. It takes the scum right off the falls and rocks. In fact it does so well, most of the time, you don't need to scrub.
Posted @ Friday, September 16, 2011 11:21 AM by Karen
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