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Remove Pond Scum from Rocks

Do you ever notice that your pond and waterfall rocks are slimy with debris and pond scum?  To keep your pond looking beautiful, you may need to spot treat your rocks to remove the organic debris.  A pond rock spot cleaner like Aqua Fix Dry has a scrubbing action that releases the rock scum, making it easier to remove.  


Here's how to keep your rocks clean:

  1. Apply a pond rock spot cleaner liberally to coat scum on waterfall rocks - make sure you TURN OFF THE PUMP.
  2. remove pond algaeSprinkle, wait 20 minutes, then scrub or power vac the rocks.
  3. Manually remove floating scum using your skimming net
  4. Immediately clean filter pads after treatment

If you rocks are really dirty, you may have to treat them a few times to get them clean.  Once you get the pond scum under control, you can keep it that way by using a broad spectrum pond cleaner once a week.

What's the best way you have found to remove pond scum from rocks?

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