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Late Season Pond Project Idea for Contractors

Winter may cause snow to fall, but it doesn't have to cause your revenue to fall too!

Rock Column Fountains resized 600

The holidays are a great opportunity to market fountain installs. Rock columns, bubbling rocks, or mini cascading falls are easy to install, can run all winter, and can be done in a day or less. Since these projects don’t take a lot of time to install they can be easily scheduled around the weather.

Statistics show that small water features are on the rise in demand. People don’t have the time required to care for larger features, but want the beauty and calming affect of water. The small water feature fits the bill perfectly. Small features don’t require much care and winterizing is a “snap” if needed. Often these types of features can be run all winter long. To winterize simply remove the pump using a flat head screw driver or 5/16 nut driver.

Try offering some sort of Holiday sale or a early Christmas gift promotion. Many pond suppliers are offering “End of Season Specials” in order to move inventory. This would allow you to offer discounts to your customers and still keep your margins. Some people might object to the timing but if they wait, prices are sure to go up.   Not only will the customer get a better deal, but you will get some extra cash flow going into the winter.

Here are some selling points you can use:

  • Install before next year to get a lower price
  • More time to commit to details in the construction. Avoid spring rush.
  • Less volatile weather.
  • Can be ran all winter long.

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