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List of Pond Equipment Needed to Build a Watergarden

Water Garden kits come complete with the equipment needed to build a pond and waterfall.  They include liners, skimmer, waterfall  box, pump, and plumbing.  Here is a list of pond equipment you will need to build a pond and waterfall:

pond equipment

A. Biological Waterfall Box - Filters harmful waste and toxins from the water, keeping your water garden clean and clear. 
B. Black PVC Flex Hose – Carries water from the skimmer box back up to the biological waterfall box.  It is much easier to install than rigid PVC.
C. Aquatic Plants – Plants can be placed throughout the pond or along the pond’s edge.
D. Fish – Add fish to create an even more dramatic display.
E. Rocks & Gravel – Provides additional surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize, and protects the liner from harmful UV rays and damage from animals.
F. High-Efficiency Pump – Pump sits in back pump chamber protected from clogging by nets and filter mats.
G. Mechanical Skimmer Box – Simplifies routine maintenance by removing floating debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond.
H. Protective Underliner – A non-woven protective underliner fabric forms a soft padding for the liner.
I. Fish-Friendly Rubber Liner – Super strong 45-mil EPDM liner is the best choice when building a water garden.  It is very flexible and conforms to a pond’s curves and slopes.
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