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Pros and Cons of Building a Fish Garden

Fish PondAdvantages of a Fish Pond

  • Fish contribute to your pond’s ecology, and can improve the general health of your pond.
  • Fish love mosquitoes, so can solve the problem of those little pests maturing in slower moving parts of your water flow.
  • Visual effect of the bright colors of most common pond fish is like adding moving pictures over a pretty print.
  • Fish are easy pets – you might have to feed them, but you never have to take them for a walk, and they’ll never, under any circumstances,  use your home as their potty!

Disadvantages of a Fish Pond

  • Increased expense to install a deeper pond and purchase the fish and supplies.
  • Cost of food  and time to feed is ongoing.
  • Increased maintenance time , such as deicing during winter months so the pond doesn’t freeze over entirely to allow for gas exchange.

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