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What to Know About Routine Pond Cleaning

pond cleaningEcology Matters!

The well balanced water garden happens when plants and animals in and around your pond function together to maintain their own health and vitality.  Balance your pond’s ecosystem to let nature work to decrease your time and effort required for maintenance.

You can help balance your water garden ecosystem by choosing a wide variety of plants to reduce algae and create a more natural look.   Prevent run off from lawn fertilizer and insecticides that can cause large algae blooms.  Pull or cut away over growths of algae, and keep pond and skimmer free of debris.  Decaying debris, such as uneaten fish food or leaves at the bottom of the pond,  increases unwanted nutrients that alter the pond’s chemical make-up.

Routine pond cleaning includes intermittently adding water to replace water lost through evaporation and skimming the pond to keep it free from debris.  You will also need to occasionally add water treatments to keep the water clean and clear.  Plan to spend a little extra time at the beginning of each season to get your water garden ready for the next environmental changes.

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