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Easy Pondless Waterfall Maintenance


pondless waterfallPond-less waterfalls have re-circulating water that cascades over natural rock formations and disappears into a hidden water reservoir, similar to a water fountain.  You can set the pump on a timer so it only runs at certain times of the day.  They are perfect for homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond.

These cascading waterfalls can vary in size depending on the amount of space you have available. You can purchase pond-less waterfall kits with all of the equipment you need for easy installation.

The bulk of pondless waterfall maintenance involves regularly replenishing the water reservoir so the pump doesn’t run dry and removing  any debris to keep the pump from becoming clogged.  

You can easily prevent debris build up by adding a sludge and slime remover to your routine maintenance.    This water treatment dives deep into the crevices of your pond and penetrates the hard to reach areas with beneficial bacteria that removes sludge from the bottom of the pond.  It also helps to reduce sludge buildup or clean the dark soils from the beach area of your pond.

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