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Prevent Wall Waterfall Equipment from Breaking

Get the Right Retaining Wall Waterfall Equipment

retaining wall waterfall equipmentSpillway Boxes: Look for spillway boxes that are made from durable materials like 18 gage stainless steel.  Some spillways are made from a thinner steel or acrylic glass, which may warp or break under the weight of heavy blocks or from freezing and thawing in seasonal climates.  Also look for a model that is an all-welded design, which will ensure that the unit does not leak. 

Pumps: It is a good idea to put a pump sock around your pump.  Pump socks act like a second filter to keep debris from being shot up into the waterfall.  Without the sock, leaves and debris can get lodged in the spillway box, disrupt the waterfall, and prevent it from flowing in a smooth sheet. 

Basin: The basin needs to be full enough to prevent the pump from running dry.  Over time the water volume will drop with evaporation, so water will need to be added.  There are two basic basin designs on the market today:  a rectangular model and a half-circle model.  The rectangular model will hold more water and keep adequate water levels longer. An auto fill kit can make maintenance easy by automatically adding water when the levels get too low.  You can install auto fill kits by hooking up to a water line like an irrigation system or a standard garden hose.  

Plumbing Connections: Another consideration when evaluating retaining wall waterfall kits is if the threaded connection between the plumbing and the basin is on the left or the right. Some models only have a single point connection which can limit installations, and other models have access points on the left or the right of the basin for more flexibility in design.

Self-Draining:  Getting a system that is self-draining makes winterizing as simple as removing the pump for the winter.  Some systems require you to blow the system dry or even remove it every winter to prevent damage from freezing and thawing. 

The easiest way to install a retaining wall waterfall is to purchase a complete installation kit.  These kits come with all of the necessary wall waterfall components, and generally take less than a day to install

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