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Top Rated Pond Equipment Features by Professional Installers

pond equipment featuresOne hundred professional installer contractors and retailers were polled to find out the top features and benefits that pond products need to have to be successful. These features contribute to the friendliest, easiest to install, longest lasting products available for pond construction and maintenance.

Products That Blend In

To give your water garden the most natural look, use  pond equipment that blends in easily with the landscaping.  Some waterfall boxes come with a landscape  lid that can be rocked or mulched over, or planted with live plants.  Without a landscape lid, you'll be looking straight at a black plastic box at the top of your falls.  Some pond skimmers also offer a natural stone faux lid to blend in naturally with the surroundings vs. a black lid that sticks out. 

Prevent distortion

Low-quality waterfall boxes and  pond skimmers will get distorted over time from the dirt compacted around it.  This can make it difficult or impossible to fit the net and mat (filtration media) back inside the filter.  Worse yet, if the filter is distorted the lid might not fit back onto the filter at all.  Look for products that are made from thick, high quality materials and are engineered with gussets and ribs to provide structural support that prevents distortion. 

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