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The Most Overlooked Piece of Pond Equipment!


 A pond pump can only work as well as the plumbing system allows it to.  In constructing a water garden, one of the most important and most overlooked pieces of pond equipment is pond tubing.  If you do not use the proper size tubing in your pond design, you will not get adequate flow, proper filtration, and potentially burn out your pond pump.

A larger waterfall pump does not always mean more water.  You can only fit a certain amount of water through a certain size pvc hose.  For example: If you have a pump that is rated for 7200gph you do not want to use a 2" flex hose. You are only going to get about 5400gph coming out at the end of the hose.  You would need to use a 3” hose.  Yes, it’s more money, but it’s cheaper than replacing a burned out pump.  I know head height, elbows, etc. have a factor in the water flow but I’m going to keep it simple for this pond blog.
Here are the figures I use in pretty much all of my quotes.Pond Tubing, PVC hose, Pond Filtration

1"hose= 1500gph                2" hose= 5400gph
1-1/4" hose= 2700gph          3" hose= 13500gph
1-1/2" hose= 3600gph          4" hose= 21000gph

Using the right size tubing in your water garden will make all the difference in the world. The next step after picking out a pump is to pick the proper pond hose.  Use the PondBuilder Pond Planner to help you. -Pond Planner


Thanks for the above info it will come in handy when construction waterfalls in the future. 
As a Landscape Contractor I have learned over the years it is always better to make the error of over sizing pipe then by under sizing. Many people translate velocity into pressure or volume. The reality of the situation is that velocity eats up pressure and volume. When thinking about the volume of water going through a pipe imagine the amount of sand you could pour through a pipe. Obviously you can pour more sand through a 1" pipe then through a 3/4" pipe etc..
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Well shared. The equipment is well posted through the blog. I can say that it can be appreciable pond technology which must be opted for better gardening, irrigation and harvesting procedure.
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