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Increase Landscape Contractor Fall Sales with 5 Customer Tips

For many landscape contractors the fall pond season represents a frantic time in their business.  Preparing for seasonal change is important and often critical.  Although many of your business models differ we each experience the need to plan ahead, store back some $$$ and keep business rolling well into the winter season.
Fall Pond Maintenance Tips
So as a pond distributor what are you doing today to help your customers succeed in their fall pond season transition?  Building your business relationship at the local level may mean having a weekly hot-lunch meeting to discuss new ideas or individual projects, or perhaps invite the Designers in for a meeting to go over the most commonly asked projects by homeowners.  A few of our marketing and sales ideas for driving fall business are:

1.  Re-connect with old quotes offering 10% off.  This kind of offer does two things:  it helps give your Contractor some more leeway on his numbers, plus he has another reason to speak directly with the decision makers.  You never know if your offer will help unless you try.

2.  Provide Inspiration Materials.  Use materials that will educate, promote, and lead homeowners through the sales process possibly highlighting the "It's not too late in the season" type of jobs. Contractor Sales Kits

3.  Remind Contractors you sell Fall Pond Supplies: Cold Water Bacteria, Nets, Fish Food and other supplies that homeowners will need during the fall transition.         Create an offer: SAVE 15% off Fall Service!
(Keep your margins high through a minimum order or products & service packages only)
4.  Conduct a Fall Seminar:  Proper fall pond maintenance will insure a healthier pond come spring.  Offer a 1-hour training on cutting back water plants, cleaning filters, partial pond clean-outs and securing pond netting over the pond, pond stream or waterfall.  A few resources for you to use.

5.  Run a special on 1-Day Projects:  A big seller has been the Mini Cascading Falls, which 2 people can build in 1 day, or how about Fountain Vases or some other Bubbling Feature?

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