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PondBuilder pond equipment sold and available Internationally

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Key Considerations for International Partnerships:

1.  Take an all-in approach with 100% commitment- Like any other hard goods or soft goods line for your store, your ROI will only be as good as the effort you put into the line. Sales follow marketing efforts.  

2.  Set a budget that meets your desired ROI- If you are looking to clear $5,000-$15,000 in your first year, then often doubling or tripling that desired amount for a budget will help you stock and promote the brand.

3.  Earn the professional status with value 1st- Clearly understand what your customers are looking for in specifics to pond equipment.  Use your knowledge of our pond resources and pass out literature for them to use during sales calls.

4.  Buy right to sell right- Take advantage of our Early Buy Season and ordering in large enough quantities to avoid higher freight costs which can quickly diminish profits. 

5.  Prepare your own freight arrangements- If you have a broker available within the United States, put them in touch with us so we can prepare NAFTA forms and terms ahead of your 1st purchase.  Your first time ordering will always take the longest until we are clear together on each of our responsibilities for freight handling. Wire transfers payments only.

6.  Become your own technician- Due to the limitations of International distances, having the right tools, products and help guides will help you become more successful. 

7.  Consider your competition- If another location is need by, how do you separate yourself?  Is your location more attractive and more accessible?  How close is the next pond shop?

All-in-all, we have found our International Partners have done well bringing in the product line, using our resources and have continued to grow.  We are thankful for those whom have explored the opportunity and those whom have taken on the partnership with full force.

As the PondBuilder brand gains market share and our offering becomes more attractive to professionals abroad, PondBuilder wishes to recognize our International Partners for helping us grow as well as educate future Partners about our international sales opportunities. 

If you are an International Customer whom is interested- Partner Now.

To locate an Authorize Distributor in your area please call 1-866-921-3779 or Contact Us


Some Authorized Distributors carry only a select number of pond products, those most commonly requested in their area; yet for some, offering a full stock of water feature products has helped reduce missed sales and downtime due to freight.  Stocking pond distributors often allocate around 500+sqft of space to the PondBuilder brand- recognizing pond supplies such as Pond Filters, Cascading Falls, and Water Treatments may require more room to display. 

Using our Pond Display Program can be helpful for customers looking to test their markets.  Success comes with pre-launch campaigns mixed with displays and how-to seminars. 

Our partnerships expand beyond the United States, but mostly remain in Canada. 

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