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Pondless and Cascading Waterfalls: A Simple, But Effective Accent

When it comes to attracting new customers into the wide world of water features, do you consider all your options?  Today's homeowners are most certainly looking for high value water features, both attractive and simple in regards to low maintenance.  Low maintenance waterfalls, fountains and bubbling water features have taken the foreground in the pond market. 

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How to create a photo book with landscaping ideas and types of ponds

If you are like most people today you have 100s if not 1,000s of digital photos tucked away in misc files on the computer.  You do not have to be a Landscape Contractor to use photos to your advantage.  Many Retailers display inspirational resources all over the place to engage and entice homeowners to dream big and do maybe just one more project. 

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How water garden distributors can differentitate themselves from their competition

This is the time of year many prospects as well as customers begin to evaluate their water garden product line and services offered.  So, how much do you know about your distributor competition? You remember the saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer, well this does not have to suggest the entire competition pool is your enemy, but rather see it as companies you wish to keep in your mind and learn from. 

Good or bad, knowing your competition and the water feature products they offer will help you see the value in your selected products.  We look at the PondBuilder water garden brand comparatively to other water feature brands and realize we have similar pond equipment offerings, but very distinct differences in pond filter and equipment details. 

PondBuilder differentiates itself through the product line as it offers GOOD \ BETTER \ BEST or Elite and DiY quality pond supplies.  By having a tiered offering the PondBuilder brand remains part of the customer buying process despite pricing and keeps the focus on which water garden kit best fits the project, not if the water garden brand is capable of such an offering and at a fair price.  This is an important customer tip.

Evaluate if your products on the shelf give your customers choices of which one vs. if at all.  You may be amazed at how well you differ or how much you need to improve depending on the level in which you differentiate from your competition. 

Understanding that a competitor's limitations are your best opportunities will help you succeed.  Take a look at the following ways to help improve the way in which you offset your business and services.

Can you differentiate yourself from the local competition by doing the following:

1.  Make your services more noticeable:  What about your company and where do you best represent what it is that you do?

2.  Bring your differentiating details to light:    Use comparison charts, testing, and key promissory statements to stand out.

3.  Engage customers in a unique manner:  Incorporate your own newsletter, eBlast, or monthly reward program built around your best offerings.

4.  Train your staff toward excellence:  Communication skills are key to B2B and B2C business.  A simple hello, but in your own unique verbiage will go a long way on how a customer will perceive the quality of your service.

PondBuilder challenges their water garden distributors to take your company a step further down the differentiation road this season.  Stand out away from local merchants and definitely the online market place by highlighting the degree in which your services make you the best business to work with.  This is a marketing and sales idea you will find needs attention each season.
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Increase Landscape Contractor Fall Sales with 5 Customer Tips

For many landscape contractors the fall pond season represents a frantic time in their business.  Preparing for seasonal change is important and often critical.  Although many of your business models differ we each experience the need to plan ahead, store back some $$$ and keep business rolling well into the winter season.

So as a pond distributor what are you doing today to help your customers succeed in their fall pond season transition?  Building your business relationship at the local level may mean having a weekly hot-lunch meeting to discuss new ideas or individual projects, or perhaps invite the Designers in for a meeting to go over the most commonly asked projects by homeowners.  A few of our marketing and sales ideas for driving fall business are:

1.  Re-connect with old quotes offering 10% off.  This kind of offer does two things:  it helps give your Contractor some more leeway on his numbers, plus he has another reason to speak directly with the decision makers.  You never know if your offer will help unless you try.

2.  Provide Inspiration Materials.  Use materials that will educate, promote, and lead homeowners through the sales process possibly highlighting the "It's not too late in the season" type of jobs. Contractor Sales Kits

3.  Remind Contractors you sell Fall Pond Supplies: Cold Water Bacteria, Nets, Fish Food and other supplies that homeowners will need during the fall transition.         Create an offer: SAVE 15% off Fall Service!
(Keep your margins high through a minimum order or products & service packages only)
4.  Conduct a Fall Seminar:  Proper fall pond maintenance will insure a healthier pond come spring.  Offer a 1-hour training on cutting back water plants, cleaning filters, partial pond clean-outs and securing pond netting over the pond, pond stream or waterfall.  A few resources for you to use.

5.  Run a special on 1-Day Projects:  A big seller has been the Mini Cascading Falls, which 2 people can build in 1 day, or how about Fountain Vases or some other Bubbling Feature?
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5 Tips To Get Pond Customers to Shop In Your Store Instead of Online

Why would today's consumer choose to shop with a main street business vs. the growing and highly competitive online market place?

1. Be the first to judge your storefront by it's cover.

The internet, facebook, and other social forums have made it easier for consumers to do the necessary comparisons well before they step foot one inside a brick and mortar store. Listed are 5 customer tips to help your pond retail store differentiate from the appeal of shopping online.

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Winter Pond Maintenance: Heaters or Aerators?

In the northern climates this is a question that I hear quite often. Do I need to install fish pond water heater or pond aeration equipment? Let me begin by saying if you don’t have fish in your water garden it is not necessary to install either one. An argument can be made that one is more important than the other, however both can keep an area of the pond surface free from ice.

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