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Winter Pond Maintenance: Heaters or Aerators?

In the northern climates this is a question that I hear quite often. Do I need to install fish pond water heater or pond aeration equipment? Let me begin by saying if you don’t have fish in your water garden it is not necessary to install either one. An argument can be made that one is more important than the other, however both can keep an area of the pond surface free from ice.

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6 Steps to Protect Your Pond Fish During Extreme Heat

Hot tamales and chili peppers might be a summer favorite for some, but this week’s high temperatures are enough to scare any fish and their owners into some air conditioning.  As the Midwest feels the heat wave it is important to keep tabs on your pond environment.  During high heat spells, ponds battle heavy evaporation rates, increase in photosynthesis and warmer water temperatures than desired by most fish.  Because the earth’s surface temperature will also rise, both direct sunlight and indirect sunlight ponds will feel fluctuations in temperatures during high heat. 

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