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Prevent Wall Waterfall Equipment from Breaking

Get the Right Retaining Wall Waterfall Equipment

Spillway Boxes: Look for spillway boxes that are made from durable materials like 18 gage stainless steel.  Some spillways are made from a thinner steel or acrylic glass, which may warp or break under the weight of heavy blocks or from freezing and thawing in seasonal climates.  Also look for a model that is an all-welded design, which will ensure that the unit does not leak. 

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How a Retaining Wall Waterfall Works

A beautiful yet simple way to add the aesthetics of water to your surroundings is to build a retaining wall waterfall.   The water flows out from the stone in a nice, smooth sheet and into a basin below.  These wall waterfalls can be easily added to any block wall structure and are a great alternative to fountains.  They can be used to adorn a garden, pool, outdoor living area, or even a home or business foyer!

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How to calculate the amount of water you need for a waterfall

A pond pump is designed to pump water from the reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall back up to the top of the waterfall.  It is important to have just the right amount of water to make sure the pump runs optimally.

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3 Tips for Buying a Retaining Wall Waterfall

A friend recently asked me how they could spruce up their backyard by adding a waterfall to their landscape.  Because my friend's patio area is defined by a block wall, I suggested he add a waterfall to it.  Waterfalls can be added to any manufactured block or retaining wall. 

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