Pond Cleaner Dry

Pond Cleaner Dry
  • Sludge Remover and Clarifier
  • Removes Sludge and Odor Fast
  • Breaks Down Dead Algae, Leaves & Debris
  • Safe For All Aquatic Life

Sizes Available:

8oz. #PB2132               treats 8,000 gal
2lb. #PB2149              treats 32,000 gal
6lb. #PB2156              treats 96,000 gal
25lb. #PB2163           treats 400,000 gal


PondBuilder's Pond Cleaner is a beneficial bacteria for water gardens used to maintain a healthy ecosystem filled with clean water.  

  • Pond Cleaner bacteria colonize on the water surface
  • Use with Biological Filters
  • Removes Nutrients that Algae needs to survive 

Pond Cleaner Dry vs. Liquid:

Pond Cleaner Dry beneficial bacteria is an infant seed that requires water to develop before living a full life span of only days.  Dry bacteria is excellent for maintenance and continuous pond care.  

Pond Cleaner Liquid is a beneficial bacteria suspended in an adolescent state, keeping the bacteria hungry for pond nutrients.  Once added to a pond, Pond Cleaner Liquid reacts quicker than Pond Cleaner Dry.  It is often used during intermittent applications when it has rained between regular water treatment cycles.