Pond Cleaner Liquid

Pond Cleaner Liquid
  • Removes Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate
  • Clears Water, Removes Debris & Seeds Filters
  • Perfect For New Pond Start-Up & Heavy Fish Loads
  • Safe For All Aquatic Life

Sizes Available:

32oz. #PB2170                    treats 8,000 gal
1gal. #PB2187                   treats 32,000 gal




PondBuilder's Pond Cleaner is a beneficial bacteria for water gardens used to maintain a healthy ecosystem filled with clean water.  

  • Pond Cleaner bacteria colonize on the water surface
  • Use with Biological Filters
  • Removes Nutrients that Algae needs to survive 

Pond Cleaner Dry vs. Liquid:

Pond Cleaner Liquid is a beneficial bacteria suspended in an adolescent state, keeping the bacteria hungry for pond nutrients.  Once added to a pond, Pond Cleaner Liquid reacts quicker than Pond Cleaner Dry.  It is often used during intermittent applications when it has rained between regular water treatment cycles.  

Pond Cleaner Dry beneficial bacteria is an infant seed that requires water to develop before living a full life span of only days.  Dry bacteria is excellent for maintenance and continuous pond care.