Pond Planning

Pond Planner

PondBuilder Pond Planner 

A Great Resource for the professional and novice Pond Enthusiast. Choose the pond that is right for you.

 2014 PBD Product Catalog web graphic

PondBuilder Product Catalog  


All of the equipment you need to create a beautiful water garden in one sourcebook.


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PondBuilder Design & Estimating Tips

Key points for professionals to consider before conducting a water feature estimate & consultation. 

How to Build a Waterfall or Water Garden

Pondless  waterfall instructions

Guide To Building a Cascading Pond-Less Waterfall

Instructions for installing a cascading pond-less waterfall.

Water garden installation

Guide To Creating a Water Garden Pond

Instructions for creating a beautiful water garden.

retaining wall waterfall instructions

Guide to Building a Retaining Wall Waterfall

Instructions  for building a retaining wall waterfall.