PondBuilder Display Program: Create, Inspire & Promote

No matter if you are retailer who sells a few pond supplies or a full fledge water garden specialist, the value in "seeing is believing" couldn't be more accurate for the pond and water garden industry. 

Let us help you build your next display for trade\home show or How-To Seminar!

Water Garden Display, Pond Display

Not currently selling pond supplies? Many times over, nurseries and other non-stocking garden centers use water features to create eye-catching displays that compliment their business.  Some good, some not so much, either way- Displays Work!

The PondBuilder Display Program is available for industry professionals looking to take their business to the next level with water features that inspire and promote the 6 most popular types.

Benefits of Display Program:

1.  Discounted Products (Flat Rate Discounts or Products on Loan)
2.  Nationally Recognized Brand of Professional Equipment
3.  Graphic Design Support for Banners, Signs & Handouts
4.  On-Site Training opportunities for "How-To" seminars
5.  Build awareness of the industry & attract customers 24.7

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