Small 20" Cascading Waterfall Box

20 inch Cascade Falls, DIY Waterfall, Pondless waterfall, Small cascade box

Item#: PB1762

Newly released, the Small 20" Cascade Falls Box delivers big flow and big strength.  Compact in size with a durable design the use of a Small 20" Cascade Falls Box helps create a beautiful cascading pond-less waterfall or secondary falls to any water feature.  Consider pairing the Small 20" Cascade Falls box with components to build a Small Cascading Falls Kit.


  • Fits in tight \ confined areas
  • Install inside the liner or attach to front
  • Dual 1.5" spinweld inlets 
  • Molded Landscape Lid for plants, mulch or rock
  • Flow rate of up to 2,500gph
  • Overall dims: 20" x 8" x 7" h
  • Four-color packaging for retail display

Note: The 20" Small Cascade Falls are typically installed "in-liner" which means place it and associated plumbing within the rubber liner parameters.  Otherwise use rock to hold liner up or lastly purchase Single Sided Seam Tape by Firestone to tape liner to front of the Waterfalls.  Do not screw into the face.