Pond Pumps

Choosing the right pump is vital to a successful water feature.

pond pumps

PondBuilder offers four separate types of pumps for different applications.    

  • Clear Water Pumps = Cascading Pond-Less applications or a smaller garden pond. Ideal for ponds with Serenity Skimmers.
  • Solids Handling Pumps = Water gardens and ponds where debris and muck may be present.
  • Mag-Drive Pumps = Mag-drive fountain pumps will provide years of enjoyment when properly maintained.
  • IllumiFlow Hybrid Pumps = Direct drive and magnetic drive technology.  Extremely low amp draw leading to lower operation costs.  Ideal for low head pressure installations and bubbling rock or vase water features.
  • External High Flow Pumps = Most Versatile Applications. Work great when high flow is required and overall operation costs need to remain low.

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