Pond Skimmers

If reducing maintenance and protecting the life of your pond pump are important to you, then investing in a Pond Skimmer is key.  The pond pump which is located inside the Pond Skimmer drawing water into the skimmer opening, mechanically filtering out leaves, twigs and other floating garden pond debris, trapping debris inside a net and filter pad.

The first line of defense against floating debris for any pond is the Pond Skimmer.  Less maintenance by hand when incorporating a Pond Skimmer.

PondBuilder Skimmer Comparison

PondBuilder skimmer, Water Garden Filter, Serenity Skimmer, Crystal Skimmer, Elite Skimmer

Pond Skimmer Boxes

Serenity Skimmer Crystal Falls Skimmer Elite Skimmers
Serenity Skimmer

Crystal Falls Skimmer 

  Elite 8" Pond Skimmer

8" Skimmer


Elite 10" Pond Skimmer

10" Skimmer

Elite 15" Pond Skimmer

15" Skimmer

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