Pond Supplies

describe the imagepond suppliesWhether you are a homeowner or a landscape contractor looking to build a garden pond, PondBuilder has the pond supplies just right for you!

Creating a Successful Water Garden

  • Biological and mechanical filtration
  • Beneficial bacteria for healthy water
  • Good pump flow
  • Suitable water depth  

A water garden can be composed of any number of different accessories from small fountain nozzles to pond underwater lighting which makes pond design fun and unique to you.


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What a new Retailer has to say!

Yes I have my PondBuilder (products) on my shelves now. I am really pleased with the quality!  I plan to spend a little more time reviewing the items to become familiar with how they are installed and the plumbing that they require. I also really like the graphics of the written material!
Riverdale Supply, Canada

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