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PondBuild 'N Foam GunsPlastic Foam Gun

Item#: PB2392

Steel Foam Gun

Item#: PB2385

Gold Steel Foam Gun

Item#: PB1663


Foam guns are not intended to be used with 12oz RTU cans- only 24oz.

Foam Gun Care Instructions

Foam guns are the ideal tool for any water feature contractors.  If you perform regular maintenance on water features or you are looking to install a natural waterfall using stone, then foam is used to attach rocks to liner or rock to rock.  The purpose of waterfall foam is to act as a waterblock, not water proofer.  Foam helps direct water toward the direction you wish to see it more.  Hence it is used under each waterfall stone to keep water above the stone and not hidden flowing under.  A Foam Gun is a must for any Pond Professional.

Cleaning your Foam Gun:

Step 1.  Using waterfall foam cleaner, attach the spray paint nozzle tip to the can. 

Step 2.  Disconnect the waterfall foam can from the foam gun.  Wrench is included.

Step 3.  Using waterfall foam cleaner, spray off excess foam remaining on foam can.

Step 4.  Spray black foam cleaner at foam can attachment threads located on foam gun.

Step 5.  Remove spray pain nozzle tip and attach foam cleaner to the foam gun

Step 6.  While directing the foam gun inside a trash can, trigger the foam gun with the attached foam cleaner until the foam gun runs clear. (You will notice change from black to purple to clear).  Do not spray towards plants or grass as cleaner is alcohol. 

Step 7.  Unmount the foam gun cleaner, wipe can and foam gun clean with cloth.

Step 8.  Store your foam gun in a protected area or Black foam Kit with Case.


Storing your Foam Gun:

PondBuilder recommends storing your gun at all times when not in use.  Do not store with foam can attached to your gun.  Damage can occur to both the gun and your surroundings if a can snaps off- Danger!!!  Foam does not come of cloth or clothing.

Store your foam gun inside the Black foam Kit with Case for best care.  However if you do not have a case, we recommend creating a safe and clean box- storing the gun away from direct sunlight & temperatures colder than 70 degrees.  *See foam can for details.

24oz Pro waterfall foam is best when used within 3-5 days of opening.  For delayed periods between uses, properly clean your gun and store the waterfall foam can.  Often shake and keep can pressurized to avoid loss of discharge pressure. The lifespan of each can varies on the storage.  Try to use your 24oz. can before each season's end.

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