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Guide to Building a Wall Waterfall

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Each Formal Falls requires a particular flow rate to achieve the level of performance detailed by the illustrations and guide. 

Please note, for custom applications where the Formal Falls will be used outside of the standard kits, you will need to provide accurate information pertaining to the install to your supplier. 

This product is not intended for harsh environments, such as saltwater or other corrosive environments, please refer to our Custom Formal Falls.

Overall heights desired, proximity of the pump to the Formal Falls, and plumbing schematics covering all connections and sizing between the pump and the Formal Falls unit.  Providing detailed drawings and specifications will ensure proper performance resulting in ideal flow rates through the Formal Falls. 

Download the Guide to Building a Retaining Wall Waterfall for additional details.

Watch for competitor flaws:

faulty sheer waterfall

Two main reasons a waterfall will begin to separate when flowing are: 

1.  Waterfall spillway is clogging

2.  Waterfall spillway is compressed

The 1/8" opening of the Formal Falls and the design of the internal baffle keep our units from allowing debris to back up inside the opening.  One way to quickly notice the difference in our opening is by how noticeable the thickness of the water becomes and how strong the flow is moving away from the wall.

The stainless steel of a Formal Falls keeps the integrity of the opening intact when under heavy downward pressure, therefore preventing the "saber-tooth" look of the waterfall being shown above.  

Project Ideas:

Although Formal Falls can be purchased as a self-circulating kit, below are a few other ways to use the Formal Falls:

1.  Swimming Pool Waterfalls

2.  Mid-wall installs vs. under copping

3.  Waterwalls- downward facing

4.  Indoor Waterfalls built in-wall

5.  Specialty: Boat & Outdoor Showers

Custom Basin Specs:

Each size Formal Falls has it's limitations depending on installation specifications.  For falls heights greater than 22" high, we recommend a Custom Basin Package.  Select from the sizes below:

16" Small Falls w/ Custom Basin

16inch Small FF with Custom Basin Kit 2012 resized 225

28" Medium Falls w/ Custom Basin

28inch Medium FF with Custom Basin Kit 2012 resized 225

40" Large Falls w/ Custom Basin

40inch Large FF with Custom Basin Kit 2012 resized 225


Formal Falls Waterfall Kit

For Retaining Wall Waterfalls

Made in the USA, Formal Falls are a beautiful yet simple way to add the aesthetics of water to your surroundings is to build a retaining wall waterfall.   The water flows out from the stone in a nice, smooth sheet and into a basin below.  These wall waterfalls can be easily added to any block wall structure and are a great alternative to fountains.  They can be used to adorn a garden, pool, outdoor living area, or even a home or business foyer!

The FormalFalls has a low-energy, color-changing, remote controlled, LED lighting system that creates a beautiful nighttime display. The basin was designed to create an easy way to install the system within a block wall structure, and the use of the autofill kit virtually eliminates all maintenance for the consumer.


• 18 gauge #208 Stainless Steel Weir Construction 
• Self Draining: Simple to winterize
• Color Changing: 16 Colors \ Select a Color, Fade, Strobe functions
• IR Remote Controlled Lighting works up to 20ft away or RF Radio Frequency
• 8", 16”, 28" & 40" Wide are Standard Sizes (Custom sizes available)

color circles

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Sheer Waterfall Comparison

 Sheer Waterfall Features

Formal Falls



Material Construction  Stainless Steel  Acrylic \ Plastic  Stainless Steel
LED Color Changing?  Yes  Yes  No
Custom Sizes Available?  Yes  No  No
Closed Top for Block Wall Construction? 18ga. Steel Closed  Plastic  Open
Self Draining in Winter?  Yes  No  No
Made in the USA?  Yes  No  Yes
Spillway Opening \ Rate per inch  1/8" \ 150gph    

The bottom line?  Selecting the Formal Falls over a competitor's sheer waterfall may mean paying a tiny bit more, but the quality of Stainless Steel + the listed benefits makes the decision to pay roughly $100 more on a $4000+ installation worth the minor cost difference!

 Available Formal Falls Sizes                                     

  Mini Formal Falls, 8 inch Formal Falls, Sheer Waterfall Medium Formal Falls, 16" Formal Falls, Sheer Waterfall
Item# PB1878 PB1779
Size Mini 8" tapered design Small 16"
Max Flow Rate 700-1200 gph (90-130gph per inch) 1800 gph (130-150gph per inch)
Max Height 24" before water breaks 30" before water breaks
Dimensions 8.125" x 8" x 3.325"h 16.125" x 8" x 3.325"h
Input & Size 1" Female Threads \ single input 1" Female Threads \ single input
Item# with 16 LED
PB1892 PB1786



Medium Formal Falls, 28" Formal Falls, Sheer Waterfall

Large Formal Falls, 40" Formal Falls, Sheer Waterfall

Item# PB1793 PB1816
Size Medium 28" Large 40"
Max Flow Rate 4200 gph (130-150gph per inch) 5500 gph (130-150gph per inch)
Max Height 48" before water breaks 50" before water breaks
dimensions 28.125" x 8" x 3.325"h 40.125" x 8" x 3.325"h
Input & Size 1" Female Threads \ 2 inputs 1" Female Threads \ 3 inputs
Item# with 16 LED
PB1809 PB1830


Formal Falls Basin

Formal Falls Basins can be sunk in-ground or used above grade
NO Winterizing needed.  In the spring simply drain and add fresh water.  The basin come equipped with dual pump access (left or right side) through a stainless steel access panel located just under the splash mat.  Additionally, if you are looking to install our Elite AutoFill Valve to maintain the water level or to reduce manual filling, a pre-installed spinweld located on both the left and right makes installation fast and easy. 

5-Year Warranty on the Formal Falls Basin

Formal Falls Basin, Pump Canyon, Aqua Basin, Basin Kit

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Mini Formal Falls Basin, Waterfall reservior

PB1632: Medium Formal Falls Basin    PB1946: Mini Formal Falls\Spout Basin