Custom Stainless Steel Formal Falls

In as little as 3-4 weeks PondBuilder can create stainless steel sheer decents that fit your design project.  Sometimes the landscape design calls for low but wide waterfalls. In the past, multiple waterfall boxes would be required to build a wide falls.  Today, you have access to sizes 12ft or larger.

Custom Formal Falls by PondBuilder

When one of the 4 in-stock Formal Falls sizes does not fit your project we will create custom sizes for you. Let our designers work with your designers on your next custom water feature.

Why use a custom size?

-The 8" Mini, 16" Small, 28" Medium, nor the 40" Large work for you.
-You need a radius, curve, or 90 degree angle.
-You are working with thicker, wider, or more irregular block material.
-Site conditions create limitations.
-You are building a water wall or vanishing edge water feature.

How PondBuilder makes custom sizes:

PondBuilder takes your design, varifies buildability, collects concept drawings and produces a bid for construction.  In 3-4 weeks a stainless steel Formal Falls will be created to withstand harsh salt\chlorinated conditions, heavy materials such as cement, concrete block, and 100s of pounds of weight per inch. Custom Formal Falls typically require heavier gauge steel to be used: 16ga or 14ga.

Examples of custom sizes:

12 foot Formal FallsCustom Formal Falls
(2) 7,200gph pumps are delivering high volumn low pressure water to create a stunning 12ft Formal Falls display.  Watch the video below for a live action shot.

Custom Formal Falls In-Action

Custom Formal Falls Projects

Stainless Steel can be used to create any number of designs for custom waterfall discharges.