Formal Falls Lighting Specifications

Enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors during the evening by incorporating lighting into your water feature.  LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are not new, but the way PondBuilder incorporates them into the Formal Falls is.  Lighting adds the third dimension homeowners find intriguing while they enjoy their outdoor living space.

Outdoor and submersible ready, the Formal Falls light strip is durable and ready to be incorporated into your Formal Falls project.  Each Formal Falls ordered with the LED lights comes with an Infrared Remote putting the 16-color light changing effect at the touch of a button. 

Take a look at our video installation guide to installing, connecting, and operating your Formal Falls Lighting.

color circles

Wiring Recommendations

For installers looking to increase the distance between wiring making the controller's eye more convenient to the viewing area.  Optimal IR Remote Control range is less than 20ft.

Power supply to LED Controller:

The AC 12volt DC output Transformer and the LED Controller use standard 12volt Low-Voltage Wire, therefore make sure the (+) wire often indicated by white writing on the wire, matches the brown (+) wire attached to the Controller. 

LED Controller to LED Light Strip:

From the LED Controller to the LED Strip use data w/ (+) 12volt power wire.  Match (+) to (+) power and like colors for controlling the color changing data.  Try CAT5 Wire.

Do not use standard 4-wire Irrigation Control Wire with solid core.

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