Complete Water Garden Kits

crystal falls garden pondComplete pond kits will help you easily install a beautiful water garden!  Water garden  kits are available in a variety of sizes and specifications and come with everything you need "Ready to Order".

Water garden kits include filters, pumps, plumbing, 4-color step-by-step instructions, DiY resource information and may also include water treatments needed to maintain your water garden pond.

Pond Maint Guide to  CTA feather 04Water Garden Kits Make It Easy!

  • No guess work for pump sizing
  • No guess work for filter sizing
  • Cash & Carry making it great for D.i.Yers!

PondBuilder offers three types of water garden kits:

  • Base grade product line called Serenity for small ponds
  • Medium grade line called Crystal for medium ponds
  • Top grade line called Elite Water Garden Kits for large ponds

Serenity Water Garden KitsWater Garden Kit

  • Low-cost starter pond
  • Ponds up to 100 sqft.(approx. 1,000gal)
  • Minimal installation time (Weekend Project)

Crystal Water Garden Kits

  • Support larger fish populations
  • Ponds up to 180 sqft. (approx. 2,500gal)
  • Large pond size allows more room for plants and creativity! 

Elite Water Garden Kits

  • More options for pond owner & installer
  • Our strongest and most durable product
  • Contractor tough
  • AutoFill ports and special accessories available
  • Ponds up to 550 sqft. (approx. 7,500gal) 
  • Premium biological filtration media
  • Easier to hide all components (faux rock lid & landscape lid) 

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